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Best coffee in Krakow, Poland

I grew up in Poland, but as life would have it, I haven’t been back in nearly ten years. A few months ago I had the pleasure of spending a week in Krakow, Poland, for work. Boy, has this place changed! I absolutely loved it all – the food, the scenery, the people. But what I loved the most was the coffee. In fact, it was in Krakow that I had the best pour-over coffee I’ve ever had, anywhere in the world.

The Coffee Shop

Luckily, the people I was visiting with in Krakow are all coffee-crazy developers so they were the perfect guides to my Krakow coffee experience. Thanks to them I had quite a few fabulous cups of coffee on my visit, but none so good as at Karma cafe.

Karma roasts their own organic coffee and serves it along their vegetarian menu (on their own bread!), much of it vegan and/or gluten free. The food is super delicious and it took me three visits to realize there was no meat in sight. Coupled with truly excellent service and cool tunes in the background, Karma is one brilliant coffee shop.

Btw, in addition to the international meaning, “karma” means “feed” in Polish. As in, come in and we will feed you. Which they do. And they match it with drool-worthy coffee.

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The best pour-over (or French press!) coffee in the world

Karma will do coffee any way you like so just ignore the Polish menu and just tell them what you fancy. The baristas know their stuff and whatever you order will be delish. My absolute favorite coffee there was the Karma Rwanda Mahembe. At Karma I had this coffee as pour-over. At home I make it in a French press. Either is absolutely stunning.

Rwanda pour-over coffee at Karma coffee shop in Krakow Poland

Rwanda pour-over coffee at Karma coffee shop in Krakow Poland

Karma’s Rwanda Mahebe coffee is a well-structured, medium intensity, almost sweet coffee. It starts of rich and fruity and fishes soft and balanced. Every sip transforms in your mouth and you’re not sure whether you want to savor that sip or go for another right away because you simply can’t get enough.

Rwanda Mahembe coffee beans from Karma coffee roasters in Krakow, Poland

Rwanda Mahembe coffee beans from Karma coffee roasters in Krakow, Poland

This beautiful coffee is something a coffee nerd will love, but its sweet and fruity notes and balanced body make it a coffee that occasional drinkers will appreciate. Case and point, my travel companion Josh drinks lattes with sugar. His palate demands the creamy texture milk provides and he doesn’t like the bitterness associated with (bad) black coffee. I convinced him to try Karma’s Rwanda and guess what? Josh loved it! It’s really the perfect coffee.

Rwanda Mahembe coffee beans

Rwanda Mahembe coffee beans

You should visit Krakow – it’s got the charm of a typical, historical European city, but at a much cheaper price. And they have Karma coffee roasters. That’s enough to merit a visit to Poland :).

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